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May, 2018

Be Safe in Severe Weather

If you see lightning or hear thunder, the storm is within striking distance, and poses a hazard to anyone on the field or in the batting cages. 
As soon as the concession stand is aware of severe weather, we will sound one long horn blast. 

When you see lightning, hear thunder, or hear the horn blast you should notify your team manager or an umpire and then seek shelter in your cars (it's the safest place in the park). Players should leave their equipment in the dugout (carrying a metal bat through an open field is not a good idea). Be safe - get it later.

You may return to the fields 30 minutes after the last recorded lightning strike. For example if we hear our last clap of thunder at 6:45pm, the earliest we can return to the field safely is 7:15pm. When its safe to return to the fields or batting cages we will sound two horn blasts, indicating it's all clear. At that point umpires and managers will determine whether the fields are dry enough to continue games.