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All Star Information

About All-Stars

All-stars is a tournament showcasing the best talent of little league. The All-star tournaments start at the end of June and continue into July, and if the team keeps winning August and to the Little League World Series. This is commonly referred as international all stars. Our Little League district also hosts an all-star tournament. Cicero Little league only fields a team for the district tournament if it is determined by the tournament committee there are enough players to do so.

The All-Star Process

All-star selection begins with a nomination by your team manager. If you are nominated, you and your child will be required to sign a commitment letter which indicates to Cicero Little League your child is available during tournament dates. Without the signed commitment letter your child is not eligible to be selected on an all-star team.  The team is selected via a committee of coaches and executive-level board members with the President presiding over the process. If your child  is selected to an all-star team you will be notified by the team manager. A child may only play on one all-star team.

All-Star Commitment Dates

International Dates (Baseball)
Players must be available for these dates.

10U : June 22-July 6 and July 9-15
11U : June 22-July 7 and July 10-16
12U : June 22-July 10 and July 13-19

District Dates (Baseball)
Should Cicero Little League field a district team, players must be available for these dates.

10U / 12U : July 13-July 21

International Dates (Softball)
Players must be available for these dates.

10U :  June 27 - July 3
11U : July 6 - July 12
12U: June 20 - June 26

All-Star Commitment Letter: