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Player and Parent Codes of Conduct

Little League is a recreational amateur youth sports program. Cicero Little League aims for its players to not only become skilled in the games of baseball and softball, but also learn the positive values of trust, sportsmanship, fair play, responsibility, respect, and teamwork. These values embody the sports of baseball and softball and offer valuable life lessons. With this in mind, the Cicero Little League asks players and parents to pledge to be responsible for their participation in our league by abiding by our code of conduct:

Player’s Code of Conduct:

  1. I will practice good sportsmanship at all times, win without boasting, lose with dignity and always do my best.
  2. I agree to attend and participate in scheduled practices and games and to arrive on time and ready to contribute. I will let my coach know far in advance if I cannot attend a game or practice so that she/he may plan accordingly.
  3. I will respect my coach’s authority with respect to playing time and positions. I will follow her/his direction, participate in practice drills and interact positively.
  4. I will not throw bats or equipment and agree to be aware of league rules to ensure safe play.
  5. I will support and encourage my teammates and treat opponents, coaches, fans and umpires with respect.

Parent’s Code of Conduct:

  1. I will discuss the players code of conduct with my child and help him/her to uphold it.
  2. I will support managers, coaches, players, and I will be respectful towards the umpires and opposition.
  3. I understand there is no place for alcohol, illicit drugs, tobacco, or profanity in youth sports and I agree I will not use them while present at Little League events.
  4. I will not force children to participate in Little League.
  5. I will help uphold the players, parents, and coaches code of conduct by reporting incidents to the Cicero Little League Board of Directors.
  6. I am responsible for the guests I bring to the park and agree abide by Town of Cicero Park rules.