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Cicero Little League Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaching a youth sport program is a privilege not to be taken for granted. As a Manager or coach, appointed by the Cicero Little League Board of Directors, you have an important role in the development of the children within our community. We expect you to teach players not only the game, but the positive values of trust, sportsmanship, fair play, responsibility, respect, and teamwork. These values embody the sports of baseball and softball and offer valuable life lessons. With this in mind, Cicero Little League expects each manager and coach to abide by the following Code of Conduct:


  1. I will remember that Little League is a recreational league for youth, not adults. Kids expect the game to be fun. Fun and competitive are not mutually exclusive.
  2. I will focus on developing the skills and building the character of my players by holding routine practices and promoting sportsmanship, fair play, respect and teamwork.
  3. I will lead by example by exhibiting high character behavior and professionalism through my interactions with: players, umpires, parents, board members and the opposition. Undermining umpire calls, arguing with parents, ridiculing players, or violent behavior are just an small sample of behaviour unbecoming of players, parents, coaches and managers.
  4. I understand there is no place for alcohol, illicit drugs, tobacco, or profanity in youth sports and I agree I will not use them while I represent Cicero Little League events.
  5. I acknowledge my coaching appointment is a privilege granted to me by the league board. Failure to uphold this code of conduct may result in my suspension or removal of my coaching appointment.


Furthermore, as a team manager:

  1. I will make managing my team a priority over non-league activities (school/travel teams, other sports, etc.). I will make time for my players and hold routine practices and attend games. I will not accept a manager’s position if I cannot dedicate the time to coach my players effectively.
  2. I will know and abide by the rules of my division, and will communicate them to my players and coaches. This includes Little League International rules, Cicero Little League Local Rules, equal play participation rules, COVID-19 League Safety rules, and pitch counts.
  3. I will learn the Little League safety guidelines and use sound judgement when it comes to the safety of my players when it comes to field or weather conditions.
  4. I will act as the point of contact for my player’s parents / legal guardians being approachable to discuss any issue in professional manner.
  5. I will be accountable for the care of  league equipment and facilities. I will prepare fields for games and clean up dugouts and rake fields after use. I will follow league rules for reserving fields and batting cages.
  6. I will be knowledgeable in the player and parent codes conduct, I will abide by them and agree to discuss them with my team, acting as an agent of compliance on behalf of the league.
  7. I hold myself accountable for the conduct of my players, parents and coaches. Their conduct is my responsibility and I will not support or condone behavior contrary to the code of conduct.