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Feb, 2020

Free Winter Clinics and Workouts

Update 03/20/2020: League events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. See this for details: Postponed Baseball & Softball Events - Coronavirus Update.

We are excited to be able to offer free clinics and pre-evaluation workouts to players registered for the 2020 spring season.

To sign up for a clinic, LOGIN to your CLL account or REGISTER and choose the programs available for your age/division.

Currently Scheduled Clinics and Workouts:
2/26 Baseball Division-A Fielding Clinic - 6-7 pm

3/06 Pre-Eval AAA Baseball Workout - 6-8 pm

3/11 Pre-Evals Softball Workout - 6-8 pm

CANCELLED 3/13 Pre-Eval Majors Baseball Workout - 6-8 pm

CANCELLED 3/18 Baseball Division-A Hitting Clinic - 6-7 pm

CANCELLED 3/19 Pre-Season Softball Clinic - 6-8 pm

CANCELLED 3/26 Pre-Season Softball Clinic - 6-8 pm

CANCELLED 4/03 Pre-Season AA Baseball Workout - 6-8 pm

CANCELLED 4/17 T-Ball Clinic - 6-7 pm

CANCELLED 4/24 T-Ball Clinic - 6-7 pm

All clinics and workouts are open, and encouraged, for all skill levels.

Clinic - Includes lessons and drills.
Workout - A reinforcement event. Provides drills and reps.
Events are being held in the Gillette Road Middle School or North Syracuse Junior High school gyms. You must register for the program (don't just show up). We will email everyone registered for an event to confirm the event details, including location. If you find out that you cannot attend an event, please let us know so other players can take the spot.

Please note that some events may run a little longer, especially if we have a group of players who have not finished a lesson or if we have not completed a drill so that all players participated. This mainly applies to older players as we try to keep T-Ball events under 60-minutes and Div-A events under 90-minutes. We do ask that all players remain until the end of the event whenever possible.

Indoor (school gym) clinics are cancelled anytime the school is closed (ie: snow day). Make sure you check your email and the CLL Facebook page for updates and cancellations.

Stay tuned and check back to see if more events are added.