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Mar, 2021

Player Evaluations This Sunday

With registration wrapping up, we are now looking to have our player evaluations run this coming Sunday on March 21st.  Player evaluations are done at the AAA and Majors levels as those levels are more competitive and teams are drafted to be more even across the board.  Players are evaluated on hitting, fielding, speed and pitching.  This year we will be holding evaluations at Central Park, in the parking lot.  This will allow us to keep kids more socially distanced, spread out and safer.  The weather is looking pretty nice for Sunday with the temperatures looking to get into the lower 60s.

At this time, all participants will be required to wear masks at evaluations.  Guidelines for in-season mask use have not been established yet and we are looking to the schools for further guidance as we continue to march on towards our Little League season.
 We ask that if possible you do not show up at the park until 15 minutes before your allotted time.  This will allow us to help maintain social distancing and ease the flow of kids through the process.  Please note on the map that we’re asking people to go down the first right when you turn on Ferguson.  This will allow us to control the flow of traffic, hopefully, and keep things moving along.

See the under the Parents heading for evaluation times for your child