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Apr, 2021

Field Day #2 is Coming Up!!

Whether you were able to get in on the action in our first Field Day of the year or not -- it's time to get ready for Field Day #2...

Help us with phase 2 as we get the park ready for another exciting season of baseball and softball.

This next round of all-star field day action starts on Saturday, 4/17/2021 at 10am at Central Park in Cicero. 

There's something for everyone to do!


Learn how to properly prep a field - marking lines, best field-raking practices, proper sponge roller use and more.

Learn how to use a pitching machine

Some probable field day #2 tasks include:
Batting cage setup
Field edging
Field raking
Gear sorting
Handing out gear
Mowing lawns
Putting up banners
Putting up fence screens
Measuring fields for new bases
Burying base anchors
Setting up fields with bases
Stocking press boxes
Moving tables, benches, etc..
Getting the concession stand ready

We're counting on people like you to help - so please let us know if you have any questions.

Email: [email protected]

Items to consider bringing: something to drink, work gloves, sunscreen, comfy sneakers or work boots, positive vibes. 


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