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Aug, 2022

CLL Board Needs Members!

Yes, this can be the year you become a valued member of the Cicero Little League Board of Directors!

Cicero Little League is a volunteer organization that offers hundreds of local girls and boys the opportunity to play softball and baseball each Spring and Fall.  

We understand that everyone is busy and volunteering can be out of some people's comfort zone -- but the truth is, we need more help in operating this league.

We have succeeded in the past because we have had a large group of board members to share the load. We are now down to only a handful of people.
If you are a coach in this league, we are especially hopeful that you take the next step and join the board!

Board members meet one day per month to discuss the league and make decisions as a group. And it's even easier than ever now that we can meet from anywhere through Zoom.  Board members also communicate easily via Slack.

New members are invited to take their time, figure out what they like to do, help out within one or more committees and settle in as a member of the CLL team.
Some of the things board members do include handing out gear, coaching, field work, being a division coordinator, opening or locking things up, communicating with parents, planning and scheduling events, brainstorming, making purchasing decisions and more. 

Please contact us any time with questions or just to let us know that you'd like to be a member of the board and how to proceed.

Thank you!

[email protected]